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American Home Shield Reviews

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American Home Shield

American Home Shield Reviews

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American Home Shield Reviews
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Written by Kathryn Parkman
Edited by Jon Bortin

About American Home Shield Reviews

American Home Shield is a home warranty company with over 1.8 million customers. It provides home service contracts that cover major home systems and appliances and offers additional protection for electronics and select maintenance services. The company has access to a network of over 17,000 licensed contractors and has paid out over $2 billion in claims over the past five years.

Overall Satisfaction Rating

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  • 30-day workmanship guarantee
  • Flexible payment options
  • Does not require maintenance records


  • Not available in Alaska
  • Some customer service complaints

Bottom Line

American Home Shield offers three warranty plans to cover systems and appliances, regardless of age. AHS provides additional coverage for electronics, pools or spas, and roof leak repairs.

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Rated with 4 stars

… They came down and assessed the problem. They determined the part that needed to be ordered and they ordered it. Then, they came back and fixed it. I wish the part could be deli...

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Rated with 5 stars

I feel secure having something like American Home Shield and paying that monthly premium that when things happen, there's a company that is easy to deal with that's not gonna run ...

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American Home Shield plans and coverage

The standard AHS warranty contract is 12 months. American Home Shield offers home warranties that cover up to 21 of the most common household systems and major appliances, regardless of their make, model or age.

When a covered item breaks down from wear and tear, you pay a trade service call fee (ranging from $75 to $125, depending on your contract), and American Home Shield pays to have it repaired or replaced by a licensed, independent contractor in the company’s network.

Keep in mind that American Home Shield will not reimburse you for services performed without its prior authorization, so you must go through the proper claims process. In other words, you can’t perform repairs yourself or hire a contractor outside the company’s network without authorization.

The ShieldSilver Plan covers repairs and replacements of components and parts in 14 major home systems:
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating units
  • Ductwork
  • Built-in exhaust, vent and attic fans
  • Main breaker and fuse panel box
  • Doorbells and chimes
  • Interior electrial lines
  • Ceiling fans
  • Garage door openers
  • Interior plumbing lines (including stoppages, leaks or breaks)
  • Water heaters
  • Toilets
  • Faucets and valves
  • Whirlpool tub motor and components
The ShieldGold Plan covers everything in ShieldSilver, plus nine more appliances:
  • Refrigerators
  • Ranges/cooktops
  • Ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Built-in microwaves
  • Garbage disposal
  • Instant hot/cold water dispensers
  • Clothes washers
  • Clothes dryers
The ShieldPlatinum Plan covers everything in ShieldSilver and ShieldGold, as well as:
  • Shingles, tiles and shakes
  • Flat (nonmetal) roofing
  • Flashing
  • Underlayment
  • Roof leak repairs
  • Free HVAC Tune-up
  • Unlimited A/C refrigerant
  • Coverage for code violations and permits
The Electronics Protection Plan can cover any eligible new electronics you purchase while you have the plan. This plan covers an unlimited number of electronics under one plan, with no registration or receipts required. If your electronic system breaks, it can be fixed. If it can’t be repaired, a replacement can be sent to you or you will be reimbursed up to the price of the item. Covered products include:
  • TVs
  • Smart home products
  • Desktop/laptops
  • Tablets
  • Printers
  • Home theater Systems
  • Headphones
  • Video game consoles (including controllers)
American Home Shield lets you add on optional coverages if you purchase ShieldSilver, ShieldGold or ShieldPlatinum. Optional coverages include the following:
  • Guest unit
  • Pools or spas
  • Septic pump
  • Well pump
  • Roof leak repairs

Additional services

American Home Shield offers multiple new add-ons and other services that make owning your home a little easier. For an additional cost, you can add the following:

  • Smart home tech installation and setup services
  • Pre-season A/C tuneup
  • Pre-season heating system tuneup
  • Pest control
  • Rekey service
  • Roof leak repair coverage

American Home Shield cost

American Home Shield provides free quotes after you provide your address and contact information. American Home Shield customers typically pay monthly. Your total monthly cost will vary depending on which plan and service call fee you select. The trade service call fee is the amount you pay for each service or repair visit. On average, American Home Shield’s most extensive plan, the ShieldPlatinum Plan, is around $62 a month.

AHS lets you choose if you want your trade service fee to be $75, $100 or $125. You can select a higher trade service call fee in exchange for a lower monthly payment or a lower fee for a higher monthly payment.

American Home Shield discounts and perks

There is a multitude of benefits and discounts that you get along with your American Home Shield Plan:

  • Save money when you buy warranty coverage for multiple properties.
  • Refer a friend to American Home Shield and receive a $25 Amazon gift card.
  • Get discounts on select name brand appliances.
  • Save 50% on retail prices on filters for your air conditioner and furnace; filters are delivered to your front door.

American Home Shield exclusions

Plans generally won’t cover routine maintenance, cosmetic defects or system or appliance upgrades. Coverage doesn’t apply if a system or appliance stops working because of misuse or abuse. It also doesn’t cover malfunctions due to lightning strikes or fire; for protection from these events, you need homeowners insurance.

Depending on your service contract’s terms, specific parts or components of a covered system or appliance could be excluded. For instance, the plan you choose may cover toilets and related mechanisms under the plumbing section but exclude stoppages caused by collapsed, damaged or broken sewer lines outside your house’s main foundation. Garage door openers are covered, but the door and door track assemblies might not be.

AHS does cover undetectable preexisting conditions, items without maintenance records and breakdowns due to corrosion. However, it won’t pay to repair or replace something still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or by a builder.

American Home Shield coverage limits

American Home Shield will pay up to $3,000 per system or appliance to diagnose a problem and repair or replace the covered item. A coverage limit is the maximum dollar amount a home warranty company is willing to pay out per item or per contract term.

In some cases, if the cost of diagnosis and repair or replacement of an item is above the cap, the company instead provides a cash payment. It might also offer cash if a repair isn’t possible and a replacement is not available.

American Home Shield FAQ

You can file a claim with AHS online or by calling. Once you submit your claim, the company will contact a service contractor within 48 hours. The contractor will then contact you to schedule a service appointment. You will pay the service call fee specified in your contract for the contractor to come to your home. After the contractor makes a diagnosis, AHS decides if the issue is covered as part of your contract.
American Home Shield does not require a home inspection for a home warranty contract. You don’t have to provide maintenance records to be eligible for covered repairs, either.
A home warranty is different from homeowners insurance; you are not duplicating coverage by having both. Homeowners insurance typically covers property loss due to events such as fire, lightning, storms and theft, while a home warranty covers appliances and systems that break down from normal wear and tear.
You can cancel an AHS plan at any time. Cancel in the first 30 days to receive a full refund. Cancel at any time after 30 days and receive a prorated refund for the remainder of your term; an administrative fee may apply.
There is no limit on the number of repairs during a contract period. However, you should check your contract for dollar limits per covered item or per term.

Is American Home Shield worth it?

Some customers choose American Home Shield when they move into an older house and aren’t sure everything is in the greatest condition, hoping to save money down the road. Others choose the company in anticipation of selling their home to avoid unexpected repair costs.

Overall, we find that American Home Shield offers good coverage at a fair rate. Prices are on the higher end of average for the industry but still pretty competitive, considering the level of coverage provided. It’s an especially smart fit if you like the idea of managing everything online.

Ultimately, whether or not buying a home warranty is worth it depends on a few factors, like the age of your appliances and systems and how willing you are to risk paying 100% out of pocket for repairs. If you still can’t decide, read about the pros and cons of home warranties next.

American Home Shield video reviews

Theophilus: My name's Theophilus and I live in Indiana. And what got me into purchasing a home warranty is because we are a family of five, we're young, and we just have a lot of things that we cherish, and it only made sense to get a home warranty to cover things if anything ever were to go wrong. When we first purchased our home, our realtor gave us many options in terms of home warranty. And I went through, I like to do my research as my wife knows, but we kept coming back to American Home Shield because they had a really fair deductible rate and it just seemed like they had a good connection to at least the people or the workers that were around me. And especially when I saw company names that I was already familiar with in my hometown. Applying for American Home Shield warranty services is really simple. If you have a smartphone or if you have access to a computer, it's as simple as logging onto the website and hitting the apply button. What I love about this process is that you can actually have someone get in touch with you really quickly. And they are very, very intuitive in terms of listing all the packages out and you can actually go through and see exactly what it is that you're going to need. Like, your needs are going to be met just by looking at what packages they offer. If you know that you have a very old home with very old electric, well, you can choose that option in one of their standard packages. Everything's listed and you can see it pretty easily. They're not hiding anything. And like I said, I love the fact that someone can contact you and you can walk through that process with them. It's a very simple and intuitive process. The people that I've worked with from American Home Shield and the people that they've contracted out are very knowledgeable. Everybody was very nice, very courteous, and very professional. One of the best experiences that I had is when our AC unit actually went out. I went online, I hit the application button to let them know that, Hey, my AC unit is out. I was already covered and within the 24 hours, I had somebody contacting me. They spoke to me about the issues. They let me know how sorry they were. And they really made me feel comfortable and they let me know that they were on my side. I didn't once think that they were just out for money or anything like that. No, they really genuinely wanted to help me. And within that 48 hours, I had somebody overnight at my house working to repair the AC unit. So it just goes to show you that trust goes a long way with a company like American Home Shield. My home warranty purchase of American Home Shield is definitely worth it. Like I said, we're a family of five and there's a lot of things that we cherish. I'm a musician. I have a lot of expensive equipment and we just happened to purchase an old home. And with old homes come a lot of different problems. And it just makes sense that I'm covered with a company like American Home Shield. They make things really easy for a busy family like us. There's no hassle, so it's definitely worth it. I recommend it to anybody out there.
Lucky: My name is Lucky and I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. And the reason why I was interested in buying a home warranty was originally when I purchased my home, they offered it to me, but I declined it. And after a year or so, I realized my house being built in the mid-eighties that home warranty's probably going to be a good decision. And I'm so glad I did that about five years ago because I've used my home warranty numerous times and have saved myself so much money. I chose American Home Shield because my inspector, upon me purchasing my home, they had suggested that I should get a home warranty because my house was built in the mid-eighties. I declined that original offer and lived with myself for about a year. Until my sister-in-law said, Hey, you need to get a home warranty plan just to have as a backup, just in case something happens with your house being built in the mid-eighties. So I took her advice. Reviewed American Home Shield and all the different options you can have with different plans and I am so happy I did that. I've had my home warranty plan in effect for about five years now and have used them numerous times and grateful that I did. When I logged into the American Home Shield website, it asks specific questions about the size of your home, what it's made of, any type of special characteristics, maybe how old your roof is or what type of flooring you have. Everything was pretty much self explanatory because you just answered the questions. And once you... You pretty much learning about your house while you're answering all these questions at the same time. You're given the option to figure out what's your best plan and what would be the cost out of pocket versus how much the company would pay for if there was a something broke down. And with all the specific repairs that are in their contract, they take care of almost everything in this house from a small items, ceiling fan versus a slab leak, which I've had both. I've used both of those. And you can think that's just small minor but a new fan and having someone come and install it, that was worth it. And along with my slab leak, I had having someone have to drill a big hole in my living room floor, under a wood floor. That could have been a lot, very stressful on someone. But knowing that I had my warranty there behind me to take care of everything and glad I did. The service in dealing with the company, they have very knowledgeable representatives. They're always there to answer my questions, whether it's on the website, where you can log in and ask questions that way, or if you want to just give them a call. Before and after the repair is done, you're hearing from them, whether it's on a text message or saying the repair man is on his way. They do do follow ups and make sure that you're happy with the service. And I like doing surveys. So I'm always giving them a great shout out and everything. And all their contractors and their partners that they work with, the customer service even with them that are not entirely affiliated with the American Home Shield, but they are the repair man that come out and do the jobs, everyone's been great. They're all very, seems like they have a caring heart. They want to make sure that everything was done right, everything was done in a timely manner. They want to make sure that the customer's happy. And I've always been very pleased in dealing with American Home Shield personally, and all their affiliates. Purchasing American Home Shield and their warranty products and the warranty service that they offer, it was definitely worth it. I would do it again. I always refer them to other people, homeowners that have had their houses for many years and people that just bought a new home. I said, Hey, you make sure you get that American Home Shield the warranty service, because you might need it. You're going to need it. And it's going to definitely be worth it in the future. And you might not see an immediate problem now, but you just never know when something's going to break down. So yes, it was 100% worth it and I would do it again. And I would most likely probably do it actually, when I bought my home the same day, just to have it there. And I would keep telling people to buy this plan. You're going to use it and whether or not you have a home or not, I still tell people about my home warranty. Even people that are in an apartment somewhere, I tell them that what I have and that they, in the future, they need to get it.
Bob: My name is Bob and I live in the state of Virginia. We've lived in many, many states around this country but now in our retirement, we are here in Virginia. We purchased an older home, and sometimes when you look around, you know, things break down. And to have that peace of mind knowing that American Home Shield is gonna be there to take care of anything that does break down is a real sense of satisfaction. We purchased American Home Shield back some time ago when we moved to the state of Virginia. And I think it was a flyer that came through the mail at that point in time and we looked and said you know, that really makes a lot of sense. And so we did login at that point in time and boy the process was so very, very simple. It just worked for us. And so we have stayed with American Home Shield now for many years and very, very happy and satisfied with them. When things break down that peace of mind, you know, is so important. We had a problem with our HVAC, we had a problem with a washing machine, we had a problem with a microwave. Most recently the microwave and I recall somebody came out to check out and see what the problem was. And at that point they— and we're very happy with the repair service that did come out. But they basically said, it's probably gonna be in your best interest to purchase a new one rather than try to fix this one. And so in working with somebody from the main office of American Home Shield, they just walked us through and we ended up with a new microwave and stove at no expense to us, other than the service call. So we just couldn't be happier campers. We got a flyer relative to American Home Shield and looked through that and it just seemed to check all the boxes of what we were looking for and, to be honest, we never even looked at another company. And we now look back and say that was a smart decision on our part. We've had repair people come out, that was for a washing machine. We've had repairs for our HVAC system. And if you know what the cost of an HVAC to make sure that it is working properly, and if there is a problem, it's corrected. That's so important and so we have never had a problem with follow up with anything relative to either the repair service or whatever. And anyone that we've spoken to in the main office has been so accommodating. It's just been a positive experience for us.
Larry: Hi, I'm Larry. I'm in California. And I've got American Home Warranty for the safety and security of my home appliances. There were many alternatives out there to choose from, but I felt that American Home Warranty gave me the safety and security and all the options that I needed to stay secure the property appliances in my home. I went with American Home Shield because the application process was quick and easy and user-friendly. We discussed the options with our escrow officer and they decided that a good home warranty program would make us feel more secure in purchasing the property. Once we went with American Home Shield, the options they gave us were, uh, they have a lot of products that they offer as far as the things that the appliances and things that they covered. And we selected the plan that best suited our needs to cover those things that we had concerns with, like the refrigerator, the air conditioner, the heating and cooling system. So that's why we went with American Home Warranty. The customer service representatives at American Home Warranty were very responsive to my needs. Once you get someone on the line, they are very helpful in understanding your problems and getting you connected with a service provider that will meet your needs. And they always call back to follow up and make sure that I was satisfied with the services that I received and that they provided me everything that I needed to get my appliances or whatever repaired in a timely manner. I purchased the American Home Warranty to make sure that I was comfortable with my appliances as we were going forward with a new home. I am very happy that we went with American Home Warranty because everything that we, every time we've called them they've been very responsive and make sure that my appliances were repaired in a timely manner and with a good service repair. And so I'm glad I've had American Home Shield and I would definitely purchase it again.
Oscar: Hey, my name's Oscar and I'm living in Illinois. I decided to get a home warranty because I wanted to make sure that all my mechanicals, and my refrigerator, my stove, my microwave, all that good stuff was gonna be working, regardless of what happens. My uncle actually has the same kinda warranty for his home in Pennsylvania. He told me it was great service. I decided to take a look and after one visit to the website I was convinced. After taking a look at their website, I decided to call the company and speak to their customer service department, and after chatting for maybe 15 to 20 minutes, we were able to identify the right plan for me that suited all of my needs. So my experience so far has been that the sales department is very, very topnotch. They really know what they're talking about, they know their product in and out, and they left me feeling really confident. On the other hand, when speaking to the actual customer service team when submitting a claim, I have found that that side of the business is lacking a little bit. To be more specific, it seemed like, any time I had an issue, they had to review exactly what I was talking about before they were able to make any decisions, and I also had an experience where the technician or the contractor that was assigned to me really just didn't seem like the right fit, it didn't seem like the service provider that I wanted to work with, and instead of providing a simple and easy solution, we kind of had to jump through a couple of hoops. At the end we were all able to get exactly what we wanted, but it did definitely take a little bit more work. So I've had the insurance plan for about two years and, thankfully, I haven't had any major issues with my home, but they have absolutely been very helpful. I did have two instances where one, we had to replace our water tank, and that got taken care of very, very quickly, and the second was actually a little bit of plumbing work that also was included as part of my plan. If I hadn't have had the insurance plan, it absolutely would have cost me a ton of money. Having the insurance plan has— It's been worth it.

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How do I know I can trust these reviews about American Home Shield?
How do I know I can trust these reviews about American Home Shield?
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  • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
  • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 8, 2022

I would like to have American Home Shield allow me to pay for upgrades. An example, I had to have a furnace replaced, and they went for months, if not years, dumping money into this one AC unit. It finally got to where the list of parts was two pages long, and they went ahead and committed to replacing it. If I had to have paid for that particular AC unit, that would have been a couple $1,000, if not more. It makes more sense to pay American Home Shield $400 for the year, plus a $75 call to get it replaced.

I was thankful for the replacement, then I said, "Look, you guys, you're gonna put in a basic unit just like what was originally installed." They said, "Yes, because that's what we do. Whatever the basic current is, that's what we do." That's usually better than the basic original, which was 30 years ago, so I can't complain. But I said, "Look it, I'll pay for the difference to get an energy efficient unit and get it one size up." They wouldn't allow it, and I don't understand what the issue could possibly be. All they would allow was replacement of a basic original, because that's what I had. They've done that several times on several different items in the house.

We've had a couple of occasions where I've had to call and threaten American Home Shield too. Because it's Friday afternoon or Saturday night, and nobody can come out, or it's the old, "You'll be contacted within 24 hours." 48 hours later, we're going. "Isn't somebody supposed to contact me?" It's always the same, "Oh, well, we didn't get that call," or "We sent that call to the wrong, whatever," or "Well, sorry for that. It just got lost."

People make mistakes. I understand that and I don't have an issue with that. That's why I'm still with American Home Shield 30 years later. It just gets to be a bit of a problem when it happens to you personally. When it's the middle of summer, it's Friday afternoon, and your air conditioner goes out, and the best they can do is, "Well, you have to wait till Monday or Tuesday for that 24 hours, 48 hours to actually kick in." Are you kidding me? I say, "I'll pay the difference. Send them out immediately." On the call, "Oh, we can't do that." Unfortunately, whenever we've had an air conditioning issue or a backed up plumbing, it always happens Friday night or Saturday morning, and we always get caught on this 24-business hours.

The call may go into the company, but your call gets buried by all of the real emergencies that people called in and are willing to pay for that Friday, Saturday, or first thing Monday order. Yours just gets shuffled down in there, because you're just a routine call. So you don't get that call till either late Monday or first thing Tuesday maybe. So, now you've been without AC till, at least, Wednesday, and they don't have the part. It has to be ordered. This happened twice with my air conditioner, the first unit that we replaced. The parts that they needed were in town, but the company that was doing the repair work only ran to that distributor twice a week. I had to wait till it was their turn to go to that place to get the part, and then I had to get put on the schedule.

Using my example, a guy comes out on Tuesday morning and says, "It needs part X, Y, Z. I'll place the order." Guess what? Tuesday mornings is when they go to this company to get parts, and then again on Thursday. So now, I have to wait till the Thursday run to go get parts, and then they have to put me on the schedule once the part comes in, which means the part comes in Thursday evening. They put me on the schedule, but Friday is full, so guess what day it is now? The following Monday, because Saturday and Sunday are emergency calls, and a routine part replacement is not an emergency. My furnace or my AC has now been going on seven days, and I ain't gonna get the part put in for 10 days. That's American Home Shield's business model and I don't like it, but I accept it. Still, they could do better.

I've also had a year where I paid my $450, and I may have used them twice. I didn't need a service, but I go back to when I first bought the house that we're presently in. The house had issues, and the people that originally owned the house either lived with the issues or didn't consider them issues. I had somebody from American Home Shield out here every other week for the house. We had them out here for plumbing issues and for minor electrical issues, and a year like that, $75 a call, it's real easy to break even. I had a plumbing issue one time, where they just had to replace a water spigot. I didn't know if that was covered or not, but I called them out anyway.

The guy came out and said, "No, this isn't covered." Just getting a water spigot replaced because of the freeze was a $300 expense to me. American Home Shield makes sense if you've got an older home and you might have issues. They have worked on a dishwasher, a microwave, my refrigerator, and my washer and dryer over the course of 30 years. When you add up what these appliances could have cost me in terms of expense, it makes sense to have something like American Home Shield. It doesn't make sense when I have that year where I didn't need them at all, but I cannot predict when it's gonna be that year, so I just gamble and pay it. If I sit down and add it all up, I come out ahead.

American Home Shield response
Our main objective is to provide exceptional service and a quick resolution to all of your home warranty needs.
Your feedback regarding your recent experiences with us is greatly appreciated. We look forward to servicing you in the future as needed.

Take Care.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2022

I had an issue that originated back before the 8th of January in the washroom when the washing machine was leaking and it just filled up a lot of water in my washroom. I thought it was the machine itself. I called Home Shield and they had someone come out to check the appliance. He checked it out and then that was when we could see that the water was actually coming from the pipe when it was emptying. It was backing up and coming into the house. Home Shield then sent A & B Plumbing out.

A & B Plumbing had a late appointment to come out. It was almost 8:00 when they came. They said they were rotting out the connector in the washroom, which they said was successful. When they left, I started the machine and I was having other issues. I called the tech straight back and he did not answer. He shot me a text message telling me that he was on the phone. I texted him that I was beginning to have some issues in the bathroom because it was beginning to bubble in the toilet and it was beginning to come up in the bathtub. He texted me back and asked if I had a cleanout in my yard. I stepped out there and looked. He said to send him a picture, which I did. The tech then told me to screw off the cleanout. This would be something that he should have come back to screw off to see. However, my last text to him at that time was, "I don't think I have the strength to do it." There was no other response after that. That was a Saturday.

The next Saturday, I tried the machine again. When I did, it was not only bubbling and not only spilling over in the washroom. This time, the toilet was filling up and about to overflow. I tried to call the tech again but got no response. I call Home Shield and explained to them what had transpired between the communication between the two of us. They tried to contact him then they said it was the weekend so they were going to try and contact him on that Monday. I kept calling back and they said that he had closed the ticket saying that I did not have a cleanout in my yard and that the only way to do anything was to do it from the roof, which was not covered by a warranty. Home Shield was gonna send the ticket back to the etch and give him an opportunity to recant to fix this.

When I called back again, Home Shield said the tech was still stuck with saying I did not have a cleanout. I didn't want the original to come back out if they went to that extreme of not coming back to see what my issue was. Home Shield was going to move the claim up to a second opinion. K & S came out. I showed their tech the cleanout and he was trying to work with it. He established that a camera and something else he said would be needed to see what was causing it to not reach from the actual cleanout to the main cleanout, which was the city's line. He called Home Shield while he was there to explain to them that I did have the cleanout. He sent them pictures and he was stating that perhaps their feet need to have been held to the fire for putting me through all of that because the other tech didn't even come back out.

I'm still dealing with this and K & S did me a little favor. He took the cap off of the cleanout. But it's in my driveway between me and my neighbor's house. I tried not to do anything but just normal stuff, like taking a shower and flushing and not using the dishwasher. I've been having to go to the laundromat and spending about $30 trying to wash then I can come back and use my dryer. I've been dealing with this for over a month.

I had this problem before with my heating system. Someone came out and they gave me a little runaround. He would come out, do something, and get the unit blowing for a minute then it stops. From my perspective, it looks as if the tech wanted me to purchase a whole system and I was a little concerned with that. I paid him the service charge and I asked Home Shield not to send the tech back out. Home Shield accommodated me with recognizing that I was having an issue with the tech. They understood the pain and that I went through some cold days because of the tech filibustering.

Home sent me someone else who immediately told me, "I know what that is" and fixed it right away. The first guy told me that the system was so old but I told him that when I had an inspector in here, he didn't tell me that because I recently bought the house. I asked the second guy for his opinion on the system. He assured me that the system would probably outlast me. There is nothing wrong with it. That gave me a little bit more comfort.

Home Shield was a part of my closing when I bought this house in 2019 and I've kept it ever since. I love them. With my last renewal, I moved up to platinum and I'm thinking, "I'm not only paying $75 for our service call, but I'm paying 100."Where Home Shield has held up their end of the bargain is where you can replace a person and give me someone else then I can move on.

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We are happy to know that AHS is beneficial to you. Thanks for sharing your warranty experience. Have great week.

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Original review: Nov. 15, 2021

Sometime in July, I got the new contract from AHS because it was coming up in August and the price went up. So, I called them and I asked why. The guy told me that the rates of the contractors they use have gone up, so they had to go up on the price. But he said they would like to keep me as a customer, so he was going to drop my bill back down. The price was going to be 57.99 and he said he dropped it down to 50.99. And it was for the agreement from 8/26/21 to 8/25/22. Bu when I called again because I wanted to add in the electronics package, somebody told me that that information was not put in their records. I was so frustrated until it was pathetic, but I was thinking that maybe I needed to wait until August when my contract starts up again then I'd call them back.

In the meantime, I got a new bill for 56.99 again and they were saying that they didn't see where the guy I talked to had made this adjustment But I got a new contract agreement with 50.99 on it and they couldn't explain that. I then asked adding the electronic package on and they said they could add it on but I'd have to pay the whole amount and it wouldn't take effect until 2022. So, I've got to pay you this entire amount for 200 and something dollars and it wouldn't take place. So, I called back because when you call back, you get somebody different every time. I talked to this girl and she said she could add the electronic package on starting September 26th of this year and my bill was going to go to 68.99. I said that was fine. But she called me back and said she wasn't able to do that. That was a mistake and I told her that not to add the electronic package on anymore as I didn't want it.

Then, I had a claim for my hot water heater that started leaking. I called AHS and they sent this company out called Action Mechanical Services. And when they told me that was who it was going to be, I went on the Better Business Bureau to check everybody out. Action Mechanical Services had all kinds of complaints. Then, I talked to a relative of mine and she said they came to her house, and they were terrible. They didn't believe the COVID was real and they didn't want to wear any masks. So, when the guy came out here, I asked if he had a mask and he said he didn't need it. He said he had COVID and he already had his vaccination. He then looked at the hot water heater, took a picture, and was here for about five minutes. That company was awful and I don't ever want them again.

At another time, my faucet on the outside broke where my husband couldn't cut the water off. Then, the other one in the back of the house is leaking. So, I put in a claim online for the faucets. But Action Mechanical popped up as my contractor, so I called AHS and told them that I didn't want them to come. But when I called, the representative said that they don't cover our faucets outside. But I told him that my sister that lives over in Jennings, Missouri said that they fixed hers. He then told me to hold on and I could barely understand him either, but he was better that the previous rep I talked to. When he came back, he confirmed that they do not cover the faucets on the outside. So, I told him no to take that $100 out of my account because as soon as you call or place a service online, they immediately take that $100. So, they canceled the claim and they did not take the $100.

After that, I got an email from American Home Shield saying that I needed to contact them about my service request as soon as possible. So, I called and I got this young lady who I could not understand at all. She was saying that our part was going to be $800 but I didn't understand what it was for. And we went on and on until she finally said that they could just give us a pay-out. I told her to send me what they were going to pay for the hot water heater and they sent me a check for $596, which did not pay for my hot water heater. So, we went to another company and AHS said that whoever we were going to use, we got to send them their complete invoice or they'd see what they did because now, I would be covering this water heater. So, I sent that to them and they sent me the little $596 that wasn't enough to pay for the hot water heater.

I also had to call AHS when my furnace wouldn't cut on and they didn't send that Action Mechanical out. It was another company called Budget Air Conditioning Heating and Plumbing and they were really good. The ladies in the office where very professional and they had good customer service. The guy that came out said it was the motor and he put a new one in. He also put his mask on and we talked about that before they came. I asked if their technician had a mask and their rep said he did. She also said they wanted to make sure that no one in our home was sick and I told her that I'd have on a mask too. They were very nice and courteous. Everything went well and the furnace worked really well until Friday. But they put it in on November 1st and Friday was November 13th.

That Friday, the house was cold and my husband had even turned the thermostat up to 85 to get the furnace to come on but it wouldn't. So, I called AHS and they didn't charge me again. Their rep said that I wouldn't get charged $100 because this was what they called a recall. And they were going to have the same people, which is Budget Heating and Cooling. So, I'm waiting on them today.

All in all, the biggest issue I had with AHS was having several different people telling me something different about me trying to add on the electronics package and with my monthly bill. It was just so confusing. But I haven't canceled and I'm going to keep them because I have family members that have them and they haven't had any issues.

With the provider I had before, you can call your own people to come out and you have to pay for the service, then they will reimburse you for part of it. That happened with my washer. To get it fixed was going to cost $600 and they only wanted to pay 400. I don't need anything like that and wondered what would happen if I don't have all that money upfront. That was when my sister said that with American Home Shield, you pay your deductible and they send somebody out. Then they just take care of it. So, I said I was going to switch to them. Then, I talked to my sister-in-law, she has American Home Shield and she said they had to buy her a new stove and she didn't have any issues. So, that's why I went to American Home Shield and I haven't had a real issue with them yet. So far, it seems like things have been working pretty good and I would refer them to someone.

American Home Shield response

Thanks for sharing your AHS experience. Please let us know if you need assistance in regards to your warranty.

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Original review: July 4, 2021

There was water all over my floor and at first, I thought it was my air conditioner because sometimes if you don't use your air for a period of time, it gets clogged up. So, I called American Home Shield and made an appointment for my air. The techs came out. They did the work, cleaned my unit and all, and that evening, water was still coming from somewhere. I called American Home Shield back and said, "Look, this guy didn't complete the job because my floor still got water." They sent a guy from another company, and when he was checking out the air, I happened to look down by my water heater and that was when I saw where the water is. I said, "Oh, my god. The water is coming from here." So, he looked at it. He said, "This thing is old. This is no good." I said, "Well, let me call American Home Shield and have them send someone out to look at my water heater."

I called and I made another service call for them to come and look at my water heater. I was right. They sent United Air out and the tech got from underneath and said, "This is shot. It's gone." I figured it would be because it was old. He wrote the ticket up and then he said they would let American Home Shield know what was going on and American Home Shield would contact me. I had to end up calling American Home Shield to find out what was going on. I was still getting water in my floor every day.

Once I called American Home Shield, they said it was up to the contractor. They had told the contractor what they cover, which is a new heater and removing the old heater and the installation of the new one. Then to make it up to compliance, I would have to pay out of pocket to the contractor. So I said, "Okay. Well, let me call the contractor because you all are telling me what you're going to do, but you're not telling me anything about the contractor's price." They said, "Well, you have to call the contractor."

I called and talked to the contractor. He gave me a price. I told him, "Give me a couple of days to think about it, because it's quite a bit of money. Well, okay. I'm gonna have to talk it over with my husband. In the meantime, I will call American Home Shield and let them know, ask them how much time do I have to make up my mind. Because I want to go over it with my husband and all." I called them back and told them that I hadn't made a final decision, and I would get back to them. With me saying that, the gentleman that I talked to had put in a cash out slip. I never asked anybody for a cash out slip. When I didn't hear from them, I called them back the day before yesterday. I was like, "Okay. Can somebody tell me what's going on? Because I've talked to my husband, we're gonna go ahead with the contract, so I need to know what's going on." They said, "Oh, well, you requested the cash out." But I didn't request such thing.

Yesterday, I had to call American Home Shield back to find out, "Well, what's going on with the cash out? Because you're telling me I have to wait on the email from you all to decline it and tell you I'm gonna go on with the estimate and stuff that I was given. And I talked to you days ago, so it doesn't take that long to send me a damn email." The rep said, "Well, give it another 48 hours." I said, "No. I will not because my floor is wet and yours isn't." This morning, I woke up and called American Home Shield back again because I've never received anything once again from them. I talked to this young lady, and she went on and put the order through for me with United Air Temp so I can go ahead and start getting the work done. She sent them an email. The contractor was great. This guy would call me. He would update me.

I kept American Home Shield for the simple fact that I felt like in the long run, if something did happen, I'd have some protection. I just would like for them to have better response time and better communication. I'd also like them to go through the verbals when they're making this contract. If I call and I ask them, "Well, what's covered," and they tell me, "Your stove, your heater, your air, your this, your that," they should let me know, " We cover the water unit itself. But if there's any extra work beyond that, that's an out of pocket cost for you." They should not have me thinking that I'm paying them this money for a month, year after year, and then when something breaks in my house, they're gonna tell me, "Oh, we're gonna replace your water heater, and we're going to replace them to take it out and the installation cost. But any other work besides that, that's on you." What the hell am I paying them for if they didn't tell me that beforehand?

People need to know that beforehand, especially during this time going through this great pandemic. People are already stretched. People can't even afford half the things they could afford. People are out here surviving, just trying to keep a roof over their heads. American Home Shield needs to be more compassionate to their customers, instead of more compassionate for their company. Before now, I would tell people, "Oh, I think it's probably a pretty good investment." But now, I would tell them to weigh their options and look into other people that offer the same type of service and make them thoroughly go over that contract with them.

American Home Shield response
Thank you for sharing your recent experiences with us. We are happy that we were able to get the issue resolved for you and we look forward to our continued business together.

Have a great day.

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Original review: June 10, 2021

If you call American Home Shield, they will be responsive and get whatever vendor they've assigned to you to escalate the work order and show up faster. They may put you on hold for a while but they will get to somebody that you can't get to. However, the follow-up when something is wrong and getting something fixed is an act of God. My washing machine shreds all my clothes and it's been two and a half months. They ordered all the parts on March 25th and all but one part is in which is the plastic piece I could pop in and off myself. They won't do a partial repair on it so I'm not a happy camper about that. At what point will American Home Shield get me a new washing machine like they're supposed to? I have to hand wash everything except for my house right now.

I have two American Home Shield accounts, one for my house and one for my mother's house. On my mother's, there was a claim for a built-in microwave. My sister was there and they told my sister it couldn't be repaired and that they would replace it. I've been trying to get it replaced for a year and apparently, they went to Parts and Parts didn't think it was clear that it needed to be replaced or that the guy couldn't fix it. They never called me back and agreed to that. I've been calling them monthly for a year now. Now, they say it's too late for it. But it's like my washing machine. It's now going on three months and it's not fixed.

My mother's hot water heater blew. The guys that came out on the plumbing knew it needed another one and I've called American Home Shield twice. With the hot water heater, American Home Shield pays for the replacement but you always pay the upcharge for the plumbing and technician. I called American Home Shield yesterday and they didn't know what the quote was. They said AZ Plumbing was supposed to call me but no one's called me to give me a number or what I need to do. I called AZ Plumbing and asked. They said I had to pay the upcharge first which was $404.25. Once I paid it, they'd schedule it. I paid the money and scheduled it for Friday.

As long as you're a squeaky wheel with the contractors, then you can get service. I had the appointment scheduled for tomorrow for my AC unit between 12:00 and 4:00, and the guy called back and said, "I got you changed to 9:00 to 12:00." I said, "I can't do 9:00 to 12:00. I told you that before because I have a doctor's appointment at 8:45. There's zero chance that I can do that morning slot." He said, "Then we can get you in two weeks." I said, "No, you can't. You can give me the original slot I told you before." We finally agreed that he'd do 10:30. Tomorrow, when he comes out to fix my air conditioner, maybe I'll get lucky and they'll be able to fix it there or maybe they'll order a part then I'll be without it for a couple of weeks.

The service on American Home Shield is good but it takes a long time to get things fixed especially this year. The first time, the AC unit was broken for three weeks before they could fix it and get parts in. Then last year, it was only broken for two days before they could fix it. But they always fix it and it always costs less than buying a new unit.

The contract is well worth it financially because American Home Shield does cover all the things that are going to go wrong. There is always a service charge so you don't want to call them for something minor because the service charge is material. But generally, it's a really good value for the service. The only big problem is nobody wants to replace anything even though that's usually the easiest and probably the least cost way. For my mom's house, things would break in the house and it would be 1,400 here and 1,300 there and 1,500 there. With the hot water heater, I knew there'd be an upcharge and the upcharge is $900 to bring it to a totally different code.

American Home Shield has been very helpful whenever I've called and tried to find where things are. When I call them, they're very patient and I go through every problem I have every time I call them which these days seems to be daily. They're polite and they tell me what to do. They will track down the vendors, find them and try to escalate. If you don't like a vendor you're working with, they will switch the vendor out for you. Without exception, they do everything possible on what they're doing.

But American Home Shield probably doesn't pay their contractors that much. Their contractors may not communicate as well as they should. Some are good but most of them, you get what you pay for and they've negotiated contracts that are a good price for them. That means that you need to sit on top of the contractor that American Home Shield selects and you have to plan that it's going to take longer than if you just called somebody and did it in cash. But the differential in cost, if you want to be able to plan something and budget, is well worth it. If you have an older property, you save three to four times what the all in amount that you pay to American Home Shield. For my mom's house, it went from costing me $3,000 to $6,000 a year to something that's $75 a month plus $100 a charge. That's a much more manageable thing. I would definitely recommend American Home Shield. I have friends that have some competing services and their issues are more than mine.

American Home Shield response

We appreciate you taken time to share your warranty experience. We look forward to handling your AHS needs. Have an amazing week.

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Original review: April 16, 2022

Our air conditioner was blowing out hot air and I had a good experience with the contractor that came out.

American Home Shield response
Our main objective is to provide exceptional service and a quick resolution to all of your home warranty needs.
Your feedback regarding your recent experiences with us is greatly appreciated. We look forward to servicing you in the future as needed.

Take Care.

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Original review: April 16, 2022

One benefit of the American Home Shield was with the washer deal. I just paid a $75 service fee and guys come in and fixed it really well without having to consider trying to get a new one. The only downside and complaint that I have about American Home Shield is sometimes they're not timely. It's the same for the person coming out to fix whatever is wrong. I'm sure that the company that they contract to, it's not a benefit to them to come out because they probably don't get paid as much by American Home Shield. I’m sensitive to that.

A few years ago, we had a continuing problem with our heat and air. It’s 0 degrees and you're worried about the pipes freezing. You can't get anybody out here for three or four days and that was a huge problem. It was the same for the summer when it was 90 in the house because the air conditioning tore up. You don't wanna wait three or four days.

That aside, the warranty company does what it says. They contact some company to come out and fix whatever is the problem. Usually, it's a part that's needed. Sometimes, they have to replace small appliances. We had to have our garbage disposal replaced. We had a claim where a gentleman came out and fixed our washer and he was very good. He's been out to our house a previous time several years ago to fix our dryer. He's very knowledgeable and professional. I was very pleased with him.

Our heat and air conditioning furnace went out five times in six months until the techs finally figured out the problem. The unit is an old system and it should have been replaced. But American Home Shield does not wanna come up with a big chunk of money to do that. The unit has to die and be irreplaceable before they do anything. On the whole, I would tell friends to do American Home Shield because it's a really good deal. The service is good and I've been happy. But they should keep in mind that if they want immediate service for things, it's gonna be at least a minimum of 24 hours before they can get someone to come and fix whatever is broken.

American Home Shield response

We are happy to know that AHS is beneficial to you. Thanks for sharing your warranty experience. Have great week.

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Original review: April 16, 2022

Our service through American Home Shield has been great. We had our hot water heater replaced, our pool pump was rebuilt, and they've done our dishwasher.

Whether or not we enjoyed the service of the contractor was another story. They responded. They did the repairs. But sometime down the road, the spa started leaking again. And when my husband called them, they didn't want to make good on the work that they did. So, he wound up replacing a section of the pipe himself.

The only complaint I have is the surprises. With our hot water heater, there was an extra $300 of things that weren't covered, which AHS calls add-ons. Our plumbing was soldered instead of threaded, so they had to charge us more to do that. There were things that weren't covered. And I know if something like our air conditioning goes out, AHS pays to replace the AC, but they won't pay for the crane to bring it in or a lot of the work that is done. It would be nice if there was at least a policy that we could consider that covered everything. It might be worth our while to pay a little higher premium if we knew that everything would be covered, including all the labor and equipment.

With the dishwasher, the issue we had was parts weren't available. They brought in a new computer part and put that in. That didn't work, so that had to be reordered. So, it was very long before we finally just got a replacement dishwasher. And for the replacement, if we don't go with AHS' suggested replacement, the out of pocket expense is astronomical. But overall, we've been happy with AHS. The premium to have somebody come out is decent. So, I recommend them to other people. And because on our other house which we had for nine years, I always recommend to anybody, new home or not, to get a home warranty and I usually recommend AHS.

American Home Shield response

We appreciate you taking time to share your warranty experience. We look forward to handling your AHS needs. Have an amazing week.

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Original review: April 16, 2022

The outside air conditioning unit was making a loud noise when it turned on. So, I thought that the bearings were going bad and I filed a claim. The zip tie that was holding a wire dry-rotted and hitting the fan, and the tech fixed it right away. I did the claim through American Home Shield’s website but it wasn’t thorough enough. For example, my garage door stopped working on a Saturday and I filed a claim. I paid the $100 deductible and AHS couldn’t get anybody out quickly. Someone finally came out on Tuesday. The repair guy called AHS and my claim was denied. In the description, what was wrong with the garage opener was asked and I put, “broken spring”. AHS refused to cover the broken spring and refused to pay me my $100 back, and the rep read off some sub in the contract that springs were not covered.

I talked to somebody at American Home Shield three times on Monday and I talked to the garage door opener tech twice on Monday. I told all of them that the spring was broken and that it was visible. I could see it. It was not the first time it was broken. No one told me that springs are not covered. I would recommend AHS to my friends but I would also tell them to research thoroughly to see if an item is covered. They should do their due diligence before they submit a claim and lose their $100 because if something isn't covered, it doesn't tell you.

American Home Shield response

We are happy to know that AHS is beneficial to you. Thanks for sharing your warranty experience. Have great week.

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Original review: April 16, 2022

The assembly lock on my washer was not locking properly and it wouldn't stay locked, so it wouldn't run my washing machine. So, the tech and I made a video chat call, which was more convenient for me. I already know what the problem was because they gave me the code. Instead of them having to come out and waste their time and my time, it was easy to just do the video chat. They ordered the part and it came two weeks later. They came and replaced it, and I haven't had any problems with it since.

My real experience using AHS was a few weeks ago. Other than that, I've just been paying for it and I haven't used it until recently. But it’s the comfort in knowing that if something does go wrong, it falls on one of those categories that they provide that you will have some type of support. You're not out there dangling around thinking of what you’re gonna do.

American Home Shield response

We appreciate you taking time to share your warranty experience. We look forward to handling your AHS needs. Have an amazing week.

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